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Empowered Wellness

— With Danielle Freese —

Danielle teaches others on the various wellness modalities available that empower women to step into their role as the gatekeeper of their home. 

A Little About Me

As a Mom, wife and business owner of more than ten years, I understand the unique challenges of the everyday Mom. I am raising three children and continue to embrace each and every season — the mess and all.

I truthfully never was a 'health minded' individual who sought out natural options in life, UNTIL I became a Mom. 

Two premature babies and a few too many medical scares over the years, have truly fuelled my passion to dig into natural modalities that supply our body with the tools it needs to thrive. I now consider myself very “scrunchy” — I still have the odd donut ;)

We have achieved a low tox household, a medicine cabinet full of natural alternatives and a growing collection of unique wellness devices to assist our bodies in our overall well being. We are now proactive about our health and wellness instead of being reactive when illness strikes.

I am committed to supporting my community in achieving their dreams. I get most excited hearing the incredible testimonies and success stories that come from women who step into empowering their wellness, not only for themselves but for their family too!