Lifelong Purity Team

When becoming a member with the Lifelong Purity Team, you will be added into our Lifelong Purity Team Facebook group. In this group, you will be immersed in the oily community. With the most up to date promotions as well as ongoing team product giveaways, this group has all the support you require to pursue your wellness journey. 

Essential Rewards Loyalty Program

Free to Join, Cancel, & Change at Any Time!! 

There is an incredible opportunity to receive free gifts just for remaining a loyal member with our company on our Essential Rewards Loyalty Program. See below for those gifts!! Our monthly gifts with purchase are all displayed on our Facebook page.  

Check out the very best options for getting started here. If a friend sent you to our page, contact them to get help with signing up for ER. 


This new wellness journey can feel overwhelming if you allow it to be. Immersing yourself in the community is one of the best tips I could give you. Ask questions, meet new people and make your presence known. There are tons of resources that you can utilize to help you to get the best product experience. Contact your sponsor for the team password to access our free team resources below.

 Young Living Canada's Blog and Pinterest are other great suggestions for researching oil usage and DIY recipes. The two links below are our favorite sites to order oil glassware such as roller bottles and spray bottles, as well as learning resources for discovering more about your YLproducts.


Welcome to our community of like minded individuals striving for better overall wellness not only for ourselves but for many others too. 


Young Living offers every member the opportunity to share the love of our products with everyone, and help support the purchase of your own products or even replace an income! You do not have to purchase a "business kit" to start sharing with your friends. Be sure to contact your sponsor to discover more about sharing the love with Young Living Essential Oils! Check out the earning potential below:
2022 Income Disclosure
Young Living Opportunity Brochure
To get started and rock this business with the perfect system;
1. Print this file (Green Team Checklist
2. Go to to complete the training

Opportunity To Earn An Income, Even if it is Unintentional!  
One of our support team leaders would be happy to come out and help you share with your friends and family by hosting an informal, relaxed information session. There are no hidden sales minimums or specified number of guests to attend. We simply would love to share with your friends and family the basics of Essential Oils and why we love the toxin free-healthy home journey. If you decide to teak a look and join us you would have the opportunity to plug into monthly business builders meetings for guidance and coaching.


  • Active guides who have a vested interest in helping you reach your wellness goals no matter where you live!
  • Canadian wide support and beyond- we have fellow Brand Partners who are willing to connect you with local resources and events
  • Our Lifelong Purity Boardroom is a business group on Facebook and is a great resource for finding answers, suggestions, and tips on building a lifetime income. It is overall a great way to stay connected with our team