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Throughout our daughters health crisis in 2019 (read more about it over on the PEMF tab) we discovered many unique alternative wellness options. It is incredible what your body can do if given the proper tools, not only to heal but to function optimally. These options are all available at our fingertips but often under utilized as majority are simply unaware they exist. We hope you enjoy perusing through some of the many options below. Remember to keep an open mind and utilize what works for you.

At the bottom we have also included some of our favorite small businesses who feature a variety of products because we absolutely LOVE supporting small business owners with unique and natural products.

Please know that this hub is a place you can always revisit in the future if desired and if you have additions to our short list please feel free to reach out to me personally.

Alternative Wellness Options

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields 

PEMF therapy emits electromagnetic waves at different frequencies in order to stimulate and encourage your body's natural recovery process. For more information please visit: www.danifreese.omnium1.com

To book a session contact Danielle Freese here.

Canada Food Intolerance Testing

Check out this Canadian home test site that you can do to determine your food sensitivities and more! Your wellness lies within and this affordable test can determine so much more that is going on within your body. 

Drop Wellness 

Live & Dry Blood Analysis with Melissa Gallaway

I have been an advocate for live and dry blood analysis for almost a decade now. I am a certified Live & Dry blood Analyst as well as a Natural Health Consultant and I cannot wait to get you started on your own wellness journey. Check out what and how these services are offered here.

Itovi Scan

Young Living Essential Oil personalized scan with Danielle Freese

 This handheld device scans the bio-frequencies and rates the YL products in order of the strongest responses. $10 per YL member, and free for Lifelong Purity members. To set up your appointment, contact Dani

Tools & Resources to Guide You 

Documentary called "Stink"

"The movie the chemical industry does not want you to see." This is an incredibly eye opening documentary conducted by a husband who just lost his wife, and is left to raise his daughters as he raises questions on toxins lurking places you would never have suspected. This document can be found on YouTube here. STINK documentary

EWG Skin Deep 

This cosmetics database helps to "scan" your products, determine the ingredients and its safety rating. Download the app in your app store or check out the website.

Canadian Small Businesses

Kezi's Aurora Clay Jewelry 

with Sam Priest

Polymer Clay Jewelry that is locally handcrafted by a mama of two littles. Everything is made with love. So you can be sure that you are getting a quality product, that has had much thought and care put in to it. Find more info here on my Facebook @Kezisauroraclay

Oggie Bags

with Vicki Ogg

Dash Designs 

 with Ashley Sidlar

I make it simple for your vision to come true with all your customized design needs. I can put your logo on a hoodie or customize a funny shirt for your weird Uncle. I've got you covered! Check out some of my designs @dashdesigns and contact me today!  

Finally Found It Body Care

with Deanna & Ben Andres

Providing you with Natural products using top quality ingredients including Young Living Essential Oils. A husband and wife duo who love working side by side on our home kitchen while creating products that have changed our lives. 

Facebook @FinallyFoundItBodyCare  Instagram @f.f.i_body_care


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