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Hi there! I'm Danielle and this is my husband Rick and our three beautiful girls. Our girls teach us daily to live in the moment. We ranch in the RM of Dauphin and thoroughly enjoy raising our girls with our farming lifestyle. We joined Young Living in 2014 and 'founded' our Lifelong Purity Team in 2015.

Before YL I was a teacher, on mat leave with our first born and also pregnant with our second born. I only had one maternity leave because...well...I was still technically on my first mat leave when our second was born, #whoopsie. Our older two girls were born very premature with long hospital stays.  As new parents we found ourselves becoming very cautious about our financial situation and also what products we used on our bodies and in our home. We quickly became tired of the traditional medicines and household cleaners as we discovered more about the harm they could cause our tiny little humans.  My cousins encouraged me to come take a look at these Young Living products and I ended up going home with a premium starter kit. 

I’ll admit I was a HUGE skeptic at first but then we started to tally up all the “coincidences” and admitted these little bottles of magic WERE actually working! Amazing!! From first helping our babes sleep through the night to eliminating our headaches and runny noses...we became hooked. The beautiful part is the oils we were trying were the very tip of the iceberg with the product line reach YL has. We continued to learn about toxin free living and transformed our home to a safe haven...not only for our babies but for ourselves and pets too. As a new Mom, Ningxia was and continues to be...LIFE!  

I truthfully was never a “health-minded” individual who seeked out natural options in life, UNTIL...I became a parent. I am so happy my cousins shared Young Living with me during this time, as we absolutely love that we now have a toxin free home and a medicine cabinet full of natural alternatives for our health and over all well-being! We became very proactive about our health and wellness instead of waiting for illness to strike and being reactive.

Over the course of a few years I found myself building a lifetime income option. I have since retired my teaching career and am able to be home to raise (and currently homeschool) our now THREE happy healthy girls!  

We are committed to supporting our customers achieve their dreams and get most excited about hearing their testimonies and success stories. I hope after you browse our website you feel empowered to make decisions to own your wellness and join our community. We take pride in empowering our members to achieve their own personal levels of success, and can’t wait to welcome you to our Oily Family!!

Thanks for being here! 

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